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Misdiagnosed Asthma and Flovent Dangers

If you have children diagnosed with asthma, and taking inhaled corticosteroids as a prescribed therapy you may have some concerns:

First, many children are mistakenly diagnosed with asthma when they really are suffering from allergies. There are diagnostic approaches which can easily and quickly confirm whether your child has allergies and/or asthma;

Second, pediatricians and allergists often mistakenly diagnose asthma and therefore fail to recommend the proper treatments for allergies through shots or pills;

Third, an often prescribed therapy for pediatric asthma is inhaled corticosteroids (Flovent is the brand name for the most commonly used) without the parents being cautioned about the potentially severe side effects;

Fourth, too often pediatricians and allergists order Flovent dosages too high for children and then increase the dosage when the child does not seem to be responding – which just makes the situation worse;

Fifth, because Flovent was marketed as being safe symptoms of side effects or failure of the adrenal glands due to excessive steroids are ignored.

This office can advise parents as to their legal rights in such cases but the most urgent thing to do is to learn more. A good place to start is here:


Mr. Larchuk is honored to be a co-founding Board Member of Maci’s TEAMS, an organization started by internationally recognized pediatrician and allergist David Skoner, MD who has been speaking all over the Country spreading the word about the dangers of misdiagnosed asthma and improper use of inhaled corticosteroids.

For further information about your legal rights contact Mr. Larchuk directly: 412-848-1878 or larchuk@larchuklaw.com