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General Business Counselor

With over 40 years experience counseling large and small businesses, and having started several businesses of his own, Mr. Larchuk enjoys the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs as a key part of their management team.  Of course this includes the usual contract review, insurance evaluation, corporate compliance, employment discrimination avoidance and the rest. Mr. Larchuk also believes he needs to truly understand a business from the inside out in order to provide reliable advice with a long term view.

This is why he does not accept a new business client, nor charge a fee to one, until after a long initial interview and tour of the business location.  Sometimes Mr. Larchuk is not the right lawyer for the job and if not he will help the prospective client connect with another professional better suited to the engagement.

When Mr. Larchuk does accept a client he personally handles each issue rather than passing off the responsibility to a less experienced associate.  However, where a particular issue requires expertise beyond Mr. Larchuk’s knowledge he will bring in others on an as needed basis to cover that specific matter.  This is most often done in patent, bankruptcy, estate planning, real estate and domestic relations situations.  Where such other specialists are brought in Mr. Larchuk serves as the quarterback assuring the advice given is coordinated and effectively communicated to the client.

Mr. Larchuk thus provides the convenience, loyalty, and institutional memory advantages of an inside general counsel but at a fraction of the cost.