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Internet Law - Domain Names - Privacy

Now an ever-present part of our personal and business world, it is hard to remember that it has been less than a generation since the Internet became the essential business tool. With that evolution have come legal challenges as the courts and business lawyers attempt to deal with unprecedented issues and an ever changing technology.

Mr. Larchuk currently has the honor of representing one of the largest web site hosting and domain name registration companies in the world. He also advises his other business clients with respect to their own use of and presence on the World Wide Web. Key to this is an understanding that a web site is not just a fancy advertisement or brochure. Rather, special care must be taken as the rules are different. For example, a defamatory remark made in a business letter may be covered by the “advertising” coverage of a general commercial insurance policy but the same statement posted on a web site or sent by email might fall within an exclusion to that insurance policy leaving the business exposed to an uninsured claim.