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Medical Negligence (Malpractice)

Beginning in 1980, Mr. Larchuk has served as lead attorney for medical negligence cases ranging from neurosurgery to podiatry (head to toe), and obstetrics to geriatrics (the very young to the very old) and everything in between.  For the first 15 years he represented physicians and hospitals.  In 1996, he began to handle cases for the victims of medical errors and has been doing so ever since.

After 35 years handling such cases, Mr. Larchuk has concluded that the current medical malpractice system is a very poor method of compensating the injured and encouraging the health care industry to be more careful.  According to studies published in respected medical journals as many as 100,000 Americans die every year as a result of hospital errors.  Many more suffer inconvenience and pain, yet most are uncompensated.

Physicians hate the malpractice system because they believe a lay jury cannot possibly understand the complexities and challenges of medicine and the expense of malpractice insurance has become an impossible burden for many specialists.  They see it as a lottery with every patient as a potential plaintiff. As a result, especially in Pennsylvania, the system is a failure for both sides.  And that is why Mr. Larchuk is a leader in the effort to reform our malpractice system to be fairer for both health care providers and their patients.

In the meanwhile, until there is a change, it is critical that patients and their families have access to attorneys willing and able to accept these challenging cases. Mr. Larchuk is available to provide immediate guidance and welcomes your call.