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Steve Larchuk has been a voracious reader and prolific writer for years.

His most current work, Co-Authored with Kathleen B. Entenmann, is titled: For a Better Congress: Fifty Questions Your Congressman Should Answer If They Want Your Vote. This is available through Amazon, CreateSpace, and through www.larchuk2016.com.

A second book is in progress with the working title: Monetary Famine: How We Got In And How We Get Out. This work brings together the thinking of conservative and liberal economists who cannot seem to explain why the middle class economy is dying throughout the industrialized world. The answer finds its roots in the battle over the gold, silver and paper standards of the late 19th Century, the crash of 1907, formation of the Federal Reserve Bank, the unlearned lessons of the Great Depression, an incomplete reinvention of international monetary policy and readoption of the gold standard in the closing months of World War II, the unilateral abandonment of the gold standard by the United States and price controls in the early 1970s, the massive devaluation of the dollar and the emergence of a barrel of oil as the de facto international currency standard as manipulated by OPEC, leading to raging inflation carrying into the 1980’s which triggered a misguided 35 year war against inflation by the Federal Reserve and its sister National Banks, leading ultimately to a hemorrhaging of liquidity from the American Middle Class leading up to 2008, the immediate and counterproductive austerity measures which just made things worse, and, finally, the almost serendipitous embrace of Quantitative Easing as a medicine of last resort. Decades overdue. And in less than therapeutic dosages. A cure, if we are willing to take it.